Kuwait is one of the world’s smallest but richest nations, thanks to its massive oil reserves. Situated at the top of the Arabian Gulf, it also boasts a rich and colorful history that dates back to antiquity and is often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Gulf’ – a title earned during the 18th Century when its successful pearl trading industry put the country on the global map. Today, Kuwait is a world-class hub for trade and business, leveraging its geographical position at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

The capital, Kuwait City, is a modern metropolis by the sea. It boasts a skyline of stunning skyscrapers and iconic landmarks such as Kuwait Towers and Liberation Tower, and in total contrast, a coastline of white sandy beaches that fringe the Gulf’s turquoise waters, home to luxury retreats such as The Palms Beach Hotel & Spa. Outside of the city visitors will find only oil fields and a unique landscape of flat desert plains, but new exciting tourism projects are under way that include the development of historic and beautiful Failaka Island.

At the heart of the action in Kuwait City, The Palms Beach Hotel & Spa is located on Al Taawon Street in the capital’s Al Bidaa district, next door to the popular Arabella food court and close to many of Kuwait’s major retail destinations, including The Avenues, which is Kuwait’s largest shopping center, as well as Marina Mall and 360 Mall. Kuwait International Fair and Kuwait International Airport are both just five minutes by road from the resort, which operates a complimentary airport shuttle service for guests. For more information on Kuwait’s wide range of visitor attractions, from galleries and mosques to restaurants and a giant aquarium, click here